First Owner Occupied Home
  1. Get the deposit ready and apply for a loan pre-approval
    • The most effective way for deposit is to save certain amount of money from the salary, that is better to bear in mind all the time.。
    • If you have a plan of buying a house, it would be great to save your bonus and commission that helps you accumulate the deposit faster.
    • Part of the deposit can be made up from a KiwiSaver first home withdrawal.
    • Family support can help you with the deposit, which means either complimentary cash, or top-up money from the family property.
    • Once you get the deposit ready, we can help you apply for a loan pre-approval, which will give you a clear picture about the amount you can borrow from the banks and get well-prepared for the house purchasing.
  2. Seeking for a reliable real estate agent
    • A good real estate agent can help you find your dream house efficiently.
    • Find the local agent who should be more familiar with the surrounding and utility if you know exactly where you want to live.
    • Take advantage of attending open homes, and use the time to perform a thorough property inspection.
    • Communicate with the real estate agent promptly, and express your considerations, to get you the best possible result.
  3. Select a solicitor to proceed house settlement
    • It’s crucial to select a reputable solicitor who will undertake the necessary searches with respect to the property.
    • You will need to nominate a solicitor to act on your behalf once your offer has been accepted.
  4. House & Contents insurance
    • Anyone who owns property with mortgage is required to carry house insurance.
    • Feel free to contact us to arrange house and contents insurance before the settlement.
  5. Life and health insurance
    • Life and health insurance are essential for protecting your family financially in case of a tragedy.
    • If your family depends on your support then you need life insurance to protect them from financial worries in the event of death, injury, or serious illness. Having to pay the mortgage, school fees, and bills doesn’t change when you’ve had a life-changing event. Life insurance can take care of your family’s money worries while they cope with their loss.
    • The purpose of health insurance is to cover you financially for urgent treatment and surgeries that you would otherwise wait for on the public system.
    • Feel free to contact us to arrange life and health insurances that covers you and your family.
Investment Property

It is different from owner occupied property, it normally needs the following two specialists:

    1. Property Manager
      • Having a good property manager can help to find suitable tenants who pay the rent on time. You want tenants who’ll care for your property and fulfill all their obligations.
      • Most landlords expect their property manager to handle maintenance and deal with disputes. Hiring an experienced property manager to look after the property can be a great option that pays for itself in time, energy and money saved.
      • Your property manager also help you sort any issues at the end of a tenancy and handle all the aftermath.
    2. Accountant
      • A professional accountant will make the tax compliance becomes easier for you.